Quick Tips For New Tarot Readers

My ethos of tarot reading is this: there are no universal right or wrong meanings for you to learn; except when there are. Hunh? It’s like this, when you work with The Tarot you are building a life-long relationship that will be uniquely personal to you and will change with time and experience. Learning to read is really about learning to trust your own intuition – learning a language to communicate with your own intuitive nature.
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An Extravagance of Popes and Fools

The Vatican

The reason The Tarot works for me is because my brain is just wired to find lateral connections and synchronicity almost anywhere. You could say my brain has a certain extravagance. This kind of thing brings me much delight. Here’s one I came across today.

The word extravagant generally refers to spending more money than is wise, but the dictionary of etymology gives me a bigger picture: Continue reading “An Extravagance of Popes and Fools”

The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?

Tarot Card Spread for the New Year

Need a little boost sketching out some resolutions and goals for the New Year?

This spread puts you at the centre, connects you to the Above and the Below and gives an indication of what elemental influences you’ll be working with over the next year. To get the most from this spread you’ll want to consider how the element of the position interacts with each card’s element. (See 4 watery cups in the fire position below) When I use this spread, I see myself in my ceremonial space, casting a circle and calling in the quarters. Continue reading “The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?”

Mercury Retrograde, WTF?

What's up Mercury?

This weekend’s astrological double whammy of Mercury Retrograde and a full supermoon in Gemini, elicited a collective ‘Whoah…’ from the Interwebz of Magicality.  In fact,  if this weekend had an entry in Astrology For Dummies, it would go something like this, there was a big full moon in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury and Mercury took a hike, and the whole thing happened in Sagittarius which is like the opposite of Gemini and all the witches poured another cup of mugwort tea and settled down to watch the show. Something like that…

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The Devil: A Tarot Romance

tarot, devil,


I get a little thrill when I pull The Devil from my pack of tarot cards – the electric spark of divination, a little hot flush comes to my cheeks. There is danger here, depravity, bondage and deep deep desire. I sense in this archetype the power of this desire and of a burning raw ambition to ascend. Moreover, there is an unflinching devotion. The devil mates for life.

The word Devil and Divinity grew from the same Indo-European root. Deva is God. Devi is Goddess and Daeva is Devil. We find divinity in both the above and the below.

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The Sun Working: Afternoon

The Sun Working

My Sun Working Enters The Autumnal Afternoon

I’m noticing that working with the sun has made me much more aware of cycles, in nature, in my body etc. Now we’re in week 8, which I guess equates to 2:00 in the afternoon of my 12 week cycle here and I’m noticing my magic is feeling different. I’ve felt, emotionally, a bit lost and blah with it this past week. Although when I look at concrete results, I’ve done sooo much. Way beyond my goal.
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Synchronicity: How Do You Know If Your Magic Is Working?

Six weeks into my work with the sun and I’ve just ground my way through the most excruciatingly gritty & slow waning moon I can remember. The Sun has given me a vivid experience of the cyclical nature of well, everything. Day & Night, Waxing & Waning, Ovulation, Menstruation, the slow shedding of leaves and shortening of days in this time of year. And yet, my sun wants to shine, it wants to be reflected in a full moon, it wants to radiate, to celebrate, to grow, to reign and yes to control.

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What Does He Think Of Me?

Tarot Cards - The Devil, The Hermit, Two of Swords

Question: I’ve had a messy break-up with a lover who I was very close to. I know it’s for the best but I wonder, now that we aren’t together, what he thinks of me?

This is precisely the kind of question that some schools of thought say we shouldn’t ask – we should only seek answers about ourselves. Apparently it’s ethically dubious to seek information about a third party. I say, ‘Bollocks!’ to that. Ask what you really want to know and deal with the karmic repercussions as they come. This is the path to learning. And besides…it makes for a juicier reading when we don’t shame ourselves for our secret desires.

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Solstice Soul Reading

How closely acquainted are you with your soul? How about your spirit? The following reading is part of a personal project of mine. I want to get down to the nitty gritty of just what my spirit and soul are all about. I want to build a closer relationship between these two bedfellows. In certain traditions, the spirit can only relate to the higher self through the soul. And the soul is that which glues spirit to the body. We have to go down before we go up.

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