Nut – Mother of Swords In The South

Today I draw a card from The Haindl Tarot, a deck I hardly ever use. Nut, the Mother of Swords in the South, comes out to play in this full moon, almost equinox time. We see starry Nut from two perspectives, the upright one is seen as if from below and was painted inside the lid of coffins. Rachel Pollack says ‘Death covers us entirely, the way the night covers the earth.’ The transverse form of Nut is as seen from a distance, as seen on the walls of temples.
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Quick Tips For New Tarot Readers

My ethos of tarot reading is this: there are no universal right or wrong meanings for you to learn; except when there are. Hunh? It’s like this, when you work with The Tarot you are building a life-long relationship that will be uniquely personal to you and will change with time and experience. Learning to read is really about learning to trust your own intuition – learning a language to communicate with your own intuitive nature.
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An Extravagance of Popes and Fools

The Vatican

The reason The Tarot works for me is because my brain is just wired to find lateral connections and synchronicity almost anywhere. You could say my brain has a certain extravagance. This kind of thing brings me much delight. Here’s one I came across today.

The word extravagant generally refers to spending more money than is wise, but the dictionary of etymology gives me a bigger picture: Continue reading “An Extravagance of Popes and Fools”

The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?

Tarot Card Spread for the New Year

Need a little boost sketching out some resolutions and goals for the New Year?

This spread puts you at the centre, connects you to the Above and the Below and gives an indication of what elemental influences you’ll be working with over the next year. To get the most from this spread you’ll want to consider how the element of the position interacts with each card’s element. (See 4 watery cups in the fire position below) When I use this spread, I see myself in my ceremonial space, casting a circle and calling in the quarters. Continue reading “The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?”

Magic Snacks – Day 7 – The Spell Of You


It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Welcome to the longest night of the year and our very last day of Magic Snacks! We can all go to bed tonight, or stay up till dawn, safe in the knowledge that there will be no nights as long as this, no darkness as dark as this again, for at least another year. The days have grown darker and colder, the leaves have fallen, the animals have hibernated. Death’s fingers are upon the cold hard ground.
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Magic Snacks – Day 5 – Tell It To The Trees

heirophant,magician, ace of swords

I love it when synchronicity deals the cards. One of you pulled The Magician & The Hierophant back on Day 1 and my advice was, if you don’t feel like The Hierophant after you’ve performed the spell then do it again. Now here we are on Day 5 with no outside light source to guide us, except The Hierophant’s enlightenment. The cards have flipped the message; allow your divine light to guide your tools and KNOW.
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Magic Snacks – Day 4 – Mirror, Mirror..

Reflections on love and light

Today we slip into a watery, flowing, space, lit by the warm glow of a flaming torch.  This is a space of luminous, love, light and reflections. The New Moon in Sagitarius is dark so our own inner light combines with the flickering torch to reflect our adoring gaze in the still waters of a deep pool. What are we gazing upon? Why, the beauty of our own radiant luminosity of course. Twinkling eyes, soft skin, glowing heart. Couldn’t you just stare at yourself forever?
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Magic Snacks – Day 3 – The Honey Jar


The cards have once again given us a new light source to illuminate our travels. We had The Moon, then the Tower’s bolt of lightning and today we have The Hermit’s small lantern giving us a very particular focus. Seeing these 3 cards, I’m reminded that The Solstice is only  4 days away. The longest night of the year ushers in the beginning of Yule and invites us to take stock of the previous year whilst setting intentions for the return of the light. It marks the rebirth of the sun. The light is coming. Continue reading “Magic Snacks – Day 3 – The Honey Jar”

Magic Snacks Day 2 – One For The Impossible

Our moonlit ponderings have prepared us to take another step down this liminal path and ask what’s really up with all this seasonal giving & receiving. Illuminating our travels today, however, is not The Moon, not The Sun, but a bolt of lightning. Straight from the above into the below, blowing the roof off this tower we’ve created. Is your Tower of Power still standing?
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