I identify as a witch, sorceress, card reader, healer, mother and creatrix. I offer readings, rituals, magical consultations and bodywork.

What’s it like to work with me?

My training as a craniosacral therapist means I’ve worked extensively with moving trauma through the body. I’m all about embodiment as a transformative journey and am deeply sensitive to working with energy fields. I have a refined sense of how to hold space for others, both individually and groups.

My witchcraft is of an eclectic nature, drawing from practical  as well as ceremonial magic along with various folk practices. It is based in spirituality, but focussed on getting results on the material plane. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

My card readings are an interactive exploration sprinkled with laughter, love and some cold hard truths. I have a strong belief that you are the best expert on yourself. I want to push you (usually gently) towards uncovering your own blind spots.

My rituals are bespoke experiences designed to move you through a process. This could be something you’ve been struggling to integrate emotionally, it could be a shadow aspect that needs space to express itself or it could be a rite of passage or Initiation.

I relate deeply to archetypes who I see as world creators and influencers. There are four particular archetypes who speak personally to who I am. They represent specific Initiations that my life journey has taken me through. You’ll find them integrated into my Calling The Quarters ritual which you can download by signing up below. They are:  The Seer, The Healer (or alchemist) , The Priestess  and The Warrior.

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You can also reach me by email on: oursaelise at gmail.com

Who Am I? Ask the cards


I see things that others don’t.
It’s what I do.
I say things that others won’t,
honest and brave.
Humour softens the blow. Play the clown
and you can get away with murder.
A knowing smile sweetens the brew.
There is no malice after all, only truth.
I say what I see.
Those are pearls that were her eyes. Look!

 I am a seer

This is the essence of lightning:
A force of nature transmitting the power of transformation.
Contagious. Electric. White moon truth.
As above, so below.

You think lightning is unpredictable,
that it comes out of nowhere,
an act of an angry god.
Nature’s revolt against us.
You and I are naturally nature
with the power to call
Lightning to comes when it is needed.
Lightning only follows the path that will have it.
Not ready for a bolt of insight?
Better sleep in your rubber soled shoes.
There are no wrong turns on the electric freeway.

I am a healer.

I got my first deck whenI was 12 years old,
thought if I touched them I would go blind or go to Hell.
Fear of The Devil can be a real downer.
I giggled involuntarily through my baptism,
made the preacher cry and emerged from the submersion
with love in my heart.
Fear transmutes to love every single time.

Much later I started to remember
the whisperings of the cards, their stories, their guidance.
Tales told with a blast of  hot white insight
penetrating deeper and deeper, down into the depths.

There are no entry level positions here. We start at the top floor of this tower.  Smash that fucking glass ceiling and go down, down, down. All the levels of the soul laid bare, until you remember your Original Truth.
Your law. Your story.

I am a priestess.

I use the cards to figure shit out. I’m not going to tell you your fortune…because you are better than that. You have the power to create whatever future you goddamn please. There are no parlour tricks here. I use the cards like keys that unlock the dark sticky places that are so hidden away you’ve forgotten they’re there.

Except at night.

When you are alone in the dark. That monster under your bed who won’t let you sleep? The unseen thing you’ve been wrestling since childhood?

Better learn to love that monster, cause its not going away till you do.

Roll of thunder,  hear my call!
Lightning cards gonna illuminate.
Lightning cards don’t discriminate.

All you need are the right tools … or weapons.

I am a warrior.