The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?

Tarot Card Spread for the New Year

Need a little boost sketching out some resolutions and goals for the New Year?

This spread puts you at the centre, connects you to the Above and the Below and gives an indication of what elemental influences you’ll be working with over the next year. To get the most from this spread you’ll want to consider how the element of the position interacts with each card’s element. (See 4 watery cups in the fire position below) When I use this spread, I see myself in my ceremonial space, casting a circle and calling in the quarters. Continue reading “The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?”

The Sun Working: Afternoon

The Sun Working

My Sun Working Enters The Autumnal Afternoon

I’m noticing that working with the sun has made me much more aware of cycles, in nature, in my body etc. Now we’re in week 8, which I guess equates to 2:00 in the afternoon of my 12 week cycle here and I’m noticing my magic is feeling different. I’ve felt, emotionally, a bit lost and blah with it this past week. Although when I look at concrete results, I’ve done sooo much. Way beyond my goal.
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Synchronicity: How Do You Know If Your Magic Is Working?

Six weeks into my work with the sun and I’ve just ground my way through the most excruciatingly gritty & slow waning moon I can remember. The Sun has given me a vivid experience of the cyclical nature of well, everything. Day & Night, Waxing & Waning, Ovulation, Menstruation, the slow shedding of leaves and shortening of days in this time of year. And yet, my sun wants to shine, it wants to be reflected in a full moon, it wants to radiate, to celebrate, to grow, to reign and yes to control.

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