The Sun Working: Afternoon

The Sun Working

My Sun Working Enters The Autumnal Afternoon

I’m noticing that working with the sun has made me much more aware of cycles, in nature, in my body etc. Now we’re in week 8, which I guess equates to 2:00 in the afternoon of my 12 week cycle here and I’m noticing my magic is feeling different. I’ve felt, emotionally, a bit lost and blah with it this past week. Although when I look at concrete results, I’ve done sooo much. Way beyond my goal.
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Solstice Soul Reading

How closely acquainted are you with your soul? How about your spirit? The following reading is part of a personal project of mine. I want to get down to the nitty gritty of just what my spirit and soul are all about. I want to build a closer relationship between these two bedfellows. In certain traditions, the spirit can only relate to the higher self through the soul. And the soul is that which glues spirit to the body. We have to go down before we go up.

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