The Devil: A Tarot Romance

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I get a little thrill when I pull The Devil from my pack of tarot cards – the electric spark of divination, a little hot flush comes to my cheeks. There is danger here, depravity, bondage and deep deep desire. I sense in this archetype the power of this desire and of a burning raw ambition to ascend. Moreover, there is an unflinching devotion. The devil mates for life.

The word Devil and Divinity grew from the same Indo-European root. Deva is God. Devi is Goddess and Daeva is Devil. We find divinity in both the above and the below.

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What Does He Think Of Me?

Tarot Cards - The Devil, The Hermit, Two of Swords

Question: I’ve had a messy break-up with a lover who I was very close to. I know it’s for the best but I wonder, now that we aren’t together, what he thinks of me?

This is precisely the kind of question that some schools of thought say we shouldn’t ask – we should only seek answers about ourselves. Apparently it’s ethically dubious to seek information about a third party. I say, ‘Bollocks!’ to that. Ask what you really want to know and deal with the karmic repercussions as they come. This is the path to learning. And besides…it makes for a juicier reading when we don’t shame ourselves for our secret desires.

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Solstice Soul Reading

How closely acquainted are you with your soul? How about your spirit? The following reading is part of a personal project of mine. I want to get down to the nitty gritty of just what my spirit and soul are all about. I want to build a closer relationship between these two bedfellows. In certain traditions, the spirit can only relate to the higher self through the soul. And the soul is that which glues spirit to the body. We have to go down before we go up.

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