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Initiations – My 12 Week Soul Purpose Tarot Course

Registration Opening Soon – For A February 2018 Start

78 cards that possess a record of our understanding of the soul. Of these cards, 21 cards carry much more importance. They are called the Major Arcana or Secrets. Each of these, represent major life initiations that we all must pass through on our path towards individuation…including everything from conception, establishing our conscious and unconscious desires, through finding our way in this world via career, relationships, goals, successes and failures. But they also deal with our deeper processes… conflict, surrender, transformation, balance and how we move through life carrying our shadowy world of hang-ups, addictions, longings, failures and insecurities. All this on the path towards individuation.

Individuation is a term coined by Carl Jung meaning the process of bringing our collective and and personal desires into consciousness. I think of it as life’s journey of getting to know my soul inside and out, the dark places as well as the light, all the murky places in between and specifically how all these processes are driven by my own desire. Yes, I have a desire for all of this.

Christopher Campbell
Why does it matter? First, cause life is hard and if I  want to change it, then I have to have a pretty good understanding of how I’ve ended up where I am now. Otherwise, I just keep cycling through the same patterns and situations over and over. I believe on a soul level this goes on over the course of many lives, until we learn our lesson. Which brings me to point two. I believe we each have a soul purpose in this life. Some lesson our soul is here specifically to work on. Part of the battle is figuring out what the hell we’re meant to be doing here, I call this The Work.

For many years, The Tarot has been my primary tool for doing The Work.  Over time, I’ve developed a unique way of unifying all of the things that really turn me on in this work: magic, tarot, embodiment, conciousness, desire and more…

And this is the most important thing you have to understand if you want to work with the cards. It isn’t about learning meanings and keywords for each card. It’s about building an ongoing relationship with them, seeing each one as a familiar friend or member of your family and feeling in your bones the shared history that lies between you. In fact, each one is an aspect of yourself that just needs to be activated.

Tarot Initiations - 12 Weeks to Your Soul's Purpose


Why this course?

This 12 week course represents a unique experience of the tarot as pathwork – a healing, integrative, journey into the deepest, recesses of your own soul’s journey. It offers discovery of your soul’s purpose, knowledge, healing, transformation and empowerment. With each lesson, you will develop a personal relationship with a specific Tarot Archetype, deepen this relationship through a ritual activation and create the power to call upon this archetype’s power in your day to day life.

I will teach you techniques to discover hidden relationships between the cards, how these can work as allies in your own journey and how these can bring some of your shadow into the light.

We take 12 cards, ones I consider to be the Prima Materia of Tarot Work, and go deep and personal with each one. Drawing upon practical, folk and ceremonial magic practices, my unique approach invokes the elements to fully integrate each card. In each lesson you’ll get a taste of:


  1. Air – reading, journalling, getting clear
  2. Fire – creativity, transformation, ignition,
  3. Water – sensing, feeling & intuitive development
  4. Earth – embodiment exercises, movement, manifesting
  5. Spirit – Ritual, magic, raising consciousness, as above so below

You’ll also learn how to use the tarot to design your own rituals for activation, transformation or manifestation.

What this course isn’t?

  • Another course based on memorising dry lists of card keywords. There are enough out there already.I like experiencing over memorising.
  • A course in reading cards for others or setting up a business. This course will highly inform your current work but that isn’t the focus here.
  • Rigid or strict. You can use almost any tarot deck you want I invite you to develop your own personal meaning for each card and to engage in each lesson at whatever level feels right for you.

Who Is This Course For?

  • You are hungry for more magic in your life and want to know how to get results from your magic practice
  • You are a consciousness/flow/inner work junkie and want to dive even deeper into the farthest reaches of your self
  • You have heard the call. The tarot is drawing you in. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced reader or total newby. All that’s required is a beginner’s mind.
  • You’ve spent a long time pondering life’s big questions and still wonder, ‘why am I here?’.

Sounds juicy, doesn’t it? I’ll be opening registration soon for the first round of Initiations. Register below to be kept in the loop and to receive a special early bird registration offer once the doors open. I’ll also be sending out a course overview soon with an upcoming live chat to discuss.

Also, because I appreciate your interest you’ll also receive a link to my own Calling The Quarters Ritual and its correspondences. Enjoy!