The New Year Spread – What’s blowing in on the four winds?

Need a little boost sketching out some resolutions and goals for the New Year?

This spread puts you at the centre, connects you to the Above and the Below and gives an indication of what elemental influences you’ll be working with over the next year. To get the most from this spread you’ll want to consider how the element of the position interacts with each card’s element. (See 4 watery cups in the fire position below) When I use this spread, I see myself in my ceremonial space, casting a circle and calling in the quarters.

Light a candle and some incense and let’s journey…

My Cards: 2 of Cups, Knight of Swords, 3 of Swords, 4 of Cups, King of Coins, Judgement, The World

Tarot De Marseille - 2 of CupsPosition 1 The Sitter (that’s me)  2 of Cups

This is the love card. I feel resistance to the thought that 2018 might be about love. I’m devoutly single. Ferociously independent. Me and relationships are …hmmm…problematic. So I think of all the alternative meanings for this card, self love, balance, a warm partnership, the start of a new emotional journey maybe?

Tarot De Marseille Knight of SwordsPosition 2 – Earth- Knight of Swords

Over the next year I will need to be able to make quick cuts and take decisive action in matters related to home, health, business, finances. I very much associate the warrior with earth – that steadfast protection of hearth and home. It feels good to have a dashing knight in this space, but I worry that he might be too rash, too quick. It’s something to look out for.

Position 3 – Air – 3 of Swords

Maintaining a centre, cutting through boundaries and conflict easily. Arriving at a breakthrough. This feels very positive. I see determination and focus that will keep me centred and allow me to cut through obstacles.

Position 4 – Fire – 4 of Cups

The 4 of cups usually indicates emotional stability, but all I can see is water in my fire. So there are two ways to look at this. The water could put the fire out, in which case I need to look out for losing motivation and drive over the course of the year. Or things could get steamy, the year could be a saucy slow burner. I have a tendency to rush into things with a lot of intensity and passion and then lose momentum and crash, so this is a good reminder to allow things to build slowly

Position 5 – Water – King of Pentacles

An earthy King of All He Surveys in the flowing water? A love interest perhaps? Lookout for someone solid and successful with their eye on the future. Alternatively, bring those qualities into my emotional and intuitive realms. A grounding of emotions, a mastery of emotional states and the intuitive realms with a focus on the bigger picture leading to material success or dominion.

Position 6 – As Above – Judgement

This position is both a hope for the year and also what’s coming in from the higher realms. My message is received by the wider world and is in alignment with my higher self – in fact it comes from my higher self. Time to sing. And ascend.

Position 7 – As Below – The World

This position is the ground for everything that is springing up from this reading. The World – like this layout – represents the unification and integration of all the elements. She dances, whole and complete within herself, but within the boundaries of the mandorla around her. This a great space for birthing new ideas into the world, which is definitely a focus of 2018 for me. It’s like a safe, nurturing, creative space providing me

Summary – What do I take from this reading?

I move into 2018 from a solid place of balance and stability. 2017 has been pretty good to me and I’m going into the New Year with some big ideas and creative plans.

Key things to look out for in 2018:

  • Look for the Knight energy to defend my material realm. There is a possibility for rapid change but do not act rashly.
  • Be prepared to make firm, strong decisions. Remain in my centre and I will easily break through obstacles.
  • Be balanced and measured in putting new projects in motion. Don’t burn out.
  • Hold in mind the potential of a new love interest.
  • Watch for a connection between my emotional/intuitive worlds and the material. An opportunity here for material success.
  • Be confident that I am following my higher calling and that my message will be heard.
  • Know that I am already whole and complete. Stay centred and grounded and all will flow.

Now it’s your turn. Try the New Year Reading and let me know how you get on.

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