The Sun Working: Afternoon

My Sun Working Enters The Autumnal Afternoon

I’m noticing that working with the sun has made me much more aware of cycles, in nature, in my body etc. Now we’re in week 8, which I guess equates to 2:00 in the afternoon of my 12 week cycle here and I’m noticing my magic is feeling different. I’ve felt, emotionally, a bit lost and blah with it this past week. Although when I look at concrete results, I’ve done sooo much. Way beyond my goal.

And I’ve realised I’ve got that Sunday afternoon feeling. It’s like you know the weekend is coming to an end and there’s a bit of sadness. But ACTUALLY I think it’s just a different phase of solar energy which is taking me away from the first few weeks of this course (dawn through high noon) when I felt such a radiance from the sun. It was like this huge golden FUCK YEAH LIFE IS AWESOME!

Now the sun is past its peak and the shadows are growing longer. There’s a connection with the softer shades, the astral maybe. The underworld approaches. So there’s a little sadness here, and a little confusion and the need to feel the beauty in things sliding away. I’m slipping beyond the material into something a little less solid. And I feel different, less ego, less attachment, more me.

At the same time, I miss the fire and crave a bit more intensity. What do I reach for next? Why am I not totally digging this second half of the day? What am I resisting?

All around me nature is ablaze with the last falling leaves. What in me needs to let go and fall to the earth?

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