What Does He Think Of Me?

Question: I’ve had a messy break-up with a lover who I was very close to. I know it’s for the best but I wonder, now that we aren’t together, what he thinks of me?

This is precisely the kind of question that some schools of thought say we shouldn’t ask – we should only seek answers about ourselves. Apparently it’s ethically dubious to seek information about a third party. I say, ‘Bollocks!’ to that. Ask what you really want to know and deal with the karmic repercussions as they come. This is the path to learning. And besides…it makes for a juicier reading when we don’t shame ourselves for our secret desires.

Answer: The Devil – The Hermit – Two of Swords

Whoah…He sees the power of your darkness and its ability to punish, control and enslave (The Devil) while also seeing your wisdom and your light (The Hermit). In this sense you are out of reach for him. A bit removed and above his station. You are both the devil and the guru, the wise teacher. Underneath those wise and sober robes he’s very well aware there is a beast. Of course Lucifer was The Light Bringer…and doesn’t he know it.

He sees your drive to control and your willingness to make a swift and clean cut decision. Ruthless. You do not sit in grey but command black and white. Your sword hangs over his head and he both looks up to it and fears it.  He sees you calling him in and challenging him at the same time but is bound where he is. Your light is not for him.

And there is enjoyment here. He enjoys this imprisonment. It is familiar to him and something he needs. He relishes it. He relishes giving up his power.

But there’s no way he will trust you again. As exciting as it is, it is too exposing for him, too emasculating. He’s out of his league and he knows it.

What he doesn’t see is your heart. There’s no love here.


What not to do – Four of Swords

More cutting. You and he have no business hurting each other anymore. This will lead to more conflict and drain you. It’s over.


What to do – Two of Wands

Keep your distance. Any connection or interaction you have with him will need to be swift and light. Nothing deep. Anything deeper will bring disaster.

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