Why don’t I have more money?

Question: How can I overcome my money blocks? Why don’t I have more money?

Deck: Tarot De Marseille
For this reading I drew 3 initial cards:

10 of Coins
Queen of Swords
King of Coins

And then 1 for advice on how to integrate these cards:
The Pope

And then 3 cards for specific next steps:
Ace of Coins
The Sun
Four of Swords



You have the potential for greater earning power, more abundance. In fact these things are already in place for you. The time is ripe for change. However there are two aspects of yourself that are in conflict. The Queen of Swords  has an idea for a new venture, something new you can create, yet she is protective and keeps it close to herself. In her belly. She is wary, suspicious even, of change and of the suggestion of material gain.  She looks to the future and sees the possibility of failure of everything that could go wrong? What could it mean for her? Would it upset her position? What fixed ideas do you have that you need to release in order to release this idea into the world. There is a way you relate to the world where you are reticent about releasing your feminine. You second guess yourself and protect and pull back. In fact you cut away connections that would bring more money into your life.

Looking away from the Queen of Swords is the King of Coins – He’s really not interested in what’s in front of him and is leaving the Queen to do all the work. He looks behind – to where he’s been and what he already has, not where he’s going. Before him lies more wealth, the opportunity to create something new with the Queen but his masculine, earthy, grounded qualities are not even looking to the new. They are stuck in maintaining the way things are. Things are pretty good here after all. Why change? What would happen if he could dare to do different? He is also protective – of himself and everything he’s created.


What’s needed?

Tarot De Marseille - Le Pape
I pronounce you man and wife!

A marriage! It’s time to take these two in hand and hold dominion over them, The Pope. Tell them how things are going to be and give them your blessing. You need a marriage of the King & Queen. Get them facing each other and speaking They are there to serve you best but are somehow needing honouring, nurturing and loving to unite them. They need to see that there is a higher purpose.

Money is for the common good! With more money, you not only serve yourself but also your higher purpose of serving the world. They need to know that this is a sacred path. Abundance is a sacred path. We are not here on this earth to suffer. The Queen has to speak her idea, put it into words and the king has to feed it. What does this baby need to grow?

Next Steps – What is to be done?


—- RITUAL —–


Take a coin of largish size and gold(ish) in colour. Go to a place in full sun, perhaps the beach. Expose as much of your skin as you can. Feel the sun warming your skin.



Feel the breeze on you skin and notice what qualities it possesses. Is it soft, strong? Is it cool or hot? Feel it’s changeable nature and its power.



Feel the sand/earth under your feet, how it supports you. Is it soft or solid? Is it warm or cool? What’s the difference between the surface and the underneath?


Dig a hole in the sand and place your coin, but do not bury it.

Lift a handful of sand up to the sun.


Ask the sun to bless this union of earth and air.

Ask the sun to allow your Queen & King to love, honour and cherish each other.

Ask the sun to bless everything they create together.


Open your fingers and allow the breeze to carry your handful of sand in whatever direction it would travel. See how gravity pulls the grains of sand back to the earth through the air.


Bury your coin and thank the earth and the air for what they will bring you.


Sit in the sand and reflect.

What two things can the Queen bring to the King?

What Two Things Can the King Bring to The Queen?

How do these things complement each other?

What’s the best way to love your Queen of Swords and your King of Coins?




To overcome your money blocks you have to release your insecurities and self protectiveness, embrace change and movement. Your air and your earth are both in self protective mode. Integrating them can generate a combined power of protection and providing for yourself thus creating the safety you need to really throw yourself into new ventures that will generate money. Remember that abundance is a sacred path and allows you to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Money is sacred.


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